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Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Wedding Lehenga

Wedding in India is a big task in itself. There is a list of endless things that has to be taken care of in weddings from event management to catering. But you know, what is the most important task for a bride? It is choosing her perfect bridal lehenga. Wondering from where to start your hunt for your wedding lehengas? You can now buy wedding bridal lehenga online too!


It’s easy to shop for your wedding lehenga now! Open any online shopping website and with a few clicks, you can buy designer wedding lehengas. Doesn’t it sound like a sign of relief?

Your bridal attire is one of the things in your wedding that you cannot compromise with. You cannot afford to look nothing less than stunning at your wedding. Confused how to find the right bridal attire for yourself?

Here’re a few tips that you should keep in mind before you buy wedding bridal lehenga online:

DO not let anyone decide it for you: Your bridal lehenga marks a new journey in itself. A journey of independence, freedom and love. If you let others choose your bridal lehenga, you have already allowed others to take control of your life. Be an independent bride, choose the bridal attire that your heart says a big ‘YES’ to. Carry yourself with pride and grace wearing your bridal lehenga. Do not give up until you find the wedding attire you are actually looking for!

p513803Type of Wedding attire: An Indian bride is supposed to wear either a graceful saree or an adorable lehenga on the most important day of her life. That is what Indian customs and traditions demand but you are free to wear any Indian attire of your choice. Let me tell you that you have many options to choose from. There is Rajasthani attire, Kashmiri attire and even theme-based attire, select the one that suits you the best.

Choice of fabric: Bridal lehenga like your wedding is a one-time investment. You cannot buy simply anything without being assured of its fabric and quality. If you have a wedding in winters, any fabric you wear shall look good enough. But if you have a summer or a monsoon wedding, it is recommended that you buy light-weight lehenga. Ensure that you do not end up buying velvet, or thick silk.

p513899Design: Wedding lehengas are all about different designs. You might prefer one wedding lehenga over others simply because of its appealing design. Mostly, wedding lehengas are designed with fine embroidery, zari art or handmade motif prints. Remember that whatever design you choose, it should be flawlessly beautiful.

When to buy: Starting your wedding shopping a month before your wedding date will not help. You need to start early to grab all the latest varieties of wedding dresses. Your real work has just started after you are done with your perfect attire. Now, you have to look for the matching accessories such as footwear, bangles and jewellery for your dress. This is not all! You also have to pre-book your makeup artist and hair stylist that will give you with the perfect wedding look.

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What are you looking for now? Immediately start your wedding shopping! Buy designer wedding lehengas online at affordable prices!


Bridal Lehengas: A Tradition of New Beginning

One of the most royal feeling with the emotion of fascination, love and appreciation is none other than becoming a bride. It is simply one day fun, but needs ample of days to make the D day as a special event. If you are going to be bride in the upcoming season, then you must be blushing. Am I correct? To add more colors in your celebration, Parivaar ceremony is all set to offer designer wedding lehengas. You can buy designer wedding lehengas from this online platform in just a couple of clicks.


Do you know designer bridal outfits are continuously changing from one season to another season. Fortunately, this platform offers collection of wedding bridal lehengas which are evergreen and rule the trend for decades along with seasonal trends. So, don’t waste the time running in the market or mall. Simply buy wedding bridal lehenga online and save your time and effort.

World of wedding bridal lehenga has became wonderful and changed a lot with time. From fabric quality to colors and textures, the variations and feel has changed a lot. There are some designers who simply create magic through their hands. You will be overwhelmed to check out the collection presented over this platform.

Looking for Uniqueness?

Either you can buy designer wedding lehengas which are limelight and heartthrob for the season or you can go for evergreen lehengas which are attraction of all time from past histories. You can mix match your choli color with the wedding lehenga color. Zari embroidery, mirror work, stone work, kundan work etc are the delight from past many years.


If you are willing to have a bollywood style then also you can buy wedding bridal lehenga online from here. Bridal lehengas are once in a lifetime purchased affair and you should check plenty of bridal lehengas online. This will help you in finding the one in which you are most interested and in which even your body looks pretty gorgeous.

What makes this store important?

Parivaar ceremony takes order and satisfies all their customer. Whether you wish for high-fi bridal lehenga or want to purchase bridal lehenga in limited budget, your desires will be always welcomed and fulfilled in this store. From fabric outlook to shading and embroidery, your choices will be taken into account. The fresh and finest collection of bridal lehengas in this store will make you fall in love with them.

Where a Designer Lehenga can be weared?

If your marriage if fixed, then you can wear a simple soft looking lehenga on your Roka. Then, engagement party, reception party, cocktail party can create ambiance if you wear a heavy designer bridal lehenga. Beside the D day where the bridal lehenga is a must, you can also wear light shiny lehenga on your mehandi ceremony.

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If you are a girl then you can wear a graceful designer lehenga in your sibling’s marriage or a friend’s marriage. Special occasions such as Diwali Pooja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Karva Chauth etc are the best phase to swagger around with Lehengas.

7 Different Styles To Wear Your Lehenga In A Swag

Lehenga is an outfit which is preferred by women of all age and body types. Lehenga fashion is an integral part of our wedding shoppings as well. Indeed started with a traditional wear, lehenga has stood by the time and now it has also changed itself with the change in fashion world. A lehenga can be draped in a different way to make look really different from its original form. There are many ways lehenga can be draped.
If you more of experimental in your style and does not intend to wear the traditional draping of lehenga, then go ahead with reading:


1. Raw silk couture lehenga and blouse
Designer wedding lehengas has brought a new trend in the market. The couture version has made the fashion of short choli with lehenga skirt in the market. Go ahead with wearing a heavily embroidered skirt with a blouse style choli. Keep your accessorise subtle with bare neck and big earning and a statement maang tikka. You can consider wearing a net or organza dupatta to complete your look.


2. Backless choli and lehenga
If you still don’t have a backless blouse for your saree or lehenga and you have a perfect figure, then you are missing a lot of fashion statement. Wear a plain raw silk lehenga skirt with a backless choli with an elaborate embellishment. Drape a plain saree style dupatta to make your look complete and less scandalizing in your family.


3. Gold and black lehenga for the bride
Black for bride? Impossible!
Hey! Why not?
Look into the fashion industry and consider to buy wedding lehenga online in a different colour combination of gold and black. Break the stereotyping and wear a black blouse with a golden threaded skirt for any of your wedding ceremonies. Consider completing your look with a contrast colour choker and earrings with a bold eye makeup.


4. Anarkali lehenga
What can be better than combining two timeless and immensely loved outfit in one?
Yes, it is anarkali lehenga. You can wear an anarkali style kurti with a matching skirt. A half or long slit kurta looks incredible beautiful in this type of combination.


5. Crop top blouse with tulle lehenga skirt
There are many designers who doing a lot of work in experimenting with lehenga design. Consider wearing a crop top styled noodle strap with a heavily embellished tulle skirt with or without dupatta or accessorize can look amazing for pre wedding or post wedding function for the bride or the other female involved in the wedding.


6. Long skirt lehenga bottom with a contrasting blouse
If you are heading for a wedding party or wants to own a casual look then give your lehenga a much needed contemporary look. Pick a plain coloured skirt and match it with a contrast blouse. Keep it plain and simple for that elegant look.


7. Off shoulder blouse with embroidered skirt
If you are towards shorter and plum side, then off shoulder blouses. Lehengas are overpowering and may tend to look too much for short heighted person. The off shoulder blouse shows that much needed skin to loosen the power of lehenga over the overall look.

So,these were some new draping lehenga style which you may consider while preparing your wardrobe for coming wedding season.

What To Consider Before Buying Wedding Lehenga

Lehenga is traditional Indian style clothing which is used both for daily wear and for special occasions. Its use is specifically popular in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Although we call the whole clothing Lehenga, the truth of the matter is, that Lehenga is the name of the skirt only, which is large, goes below the ankles in length to give cover to the whole feet. The dress as a whole consists of 3 pieces: The Lehenga which is the large plated skirt being in the centre of the attention due to rich, exclusive materials and embroidery ( especially for wedding or bridal Lehengas) the Lehenga Choli which is a short sleeved t-shirt like blouse which often leaves the midriff, stomach area bare and a stole or drape made out of either the same fabric as the Lehenga or it’s something very light to drape or ghagra the shoulders or use it across the body, like a saree. When you Buy wedding bridal lehanga online, the choli can vary in length with the sexier pieces not being much larger than a bra up until the more modest styles which show less of the stomach area. The drape is also often used to provide an additional cover to the stomach area by draping it across the choli.


What to consider before buying wedding Lehenga

If you want to buy designer wedding Lehengas you need to consider a few questions beforehand:

  • The color variations : each region has its typical traditional color combinations which are used for weddings. Wedding Lehengas can also be put in three categories: wedding, bridal or bridesmaid Lehengas. The decoration and patterns are subject to the region the Lehenga was produced. Handmade, hand-embroidered Lehengas are those each family prefers to buy for weddings. The making of these however can take weeks, therefore it’s wise to order months before, if you plan on buying wedding bridal Lehenga online.
  • The type and style of decoration : some of the most popular decoration and embroidery includes the Zardosi, Gota etc.
  • The fabric of the Lehenga : it varies from silk to velvet. Other options include brocade, chinon, satin, and several others. Net, Jut and Satin fabrics are ideal for hot summer weddings. Net has the lowest price. Silk is the best favoured fabric for weddings, specifically for brides.
  • The number of Lehengas : Indian weddings take several days. This means while a bride is a bride she will likely have to change dresses at least 3-4 times. Therefore consider all the options and choose the shade and style of designer Lehenga that fits the best to the actual sermon or tradition during the wedding celebration.
  • Be careful of the weight : bridal Lehengas, especially those made with heavy fabric and contain rich embroidery tend to be quite heavy. Also choose lighter types to wear during other sections of the wedding.
  • Choose the fabric and design to totally suit your body type.
  • Budget : be mindful as designer wedding Lehengas can be quite expensive. Also, check out a store that can give you a good discount if you buy more Lehengas there.

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Buy Designer Sarees

Things to avoid when buying online dresses!

I have seen many people buying online dresses from various shopping portals. I have also come across various instances where the fabric is not as given in the online picture or colour is not up to the mark. When you plan to Buy Designer Sarees or even the Indian Ethnic dress you should always be vigilant enough to ensure that you choose the right kind of piece.



On the other hand you should also avoid buying the salwar kameez which is too tight as this might amplify the curves. While it is about the western outfit, you should ensure that the tops are perfectly fit as wearing the tight tops may be acceptable in some cases but on the other hand in most of the cases of the salwar kameez, leave some room for the comfort. Tight fitted dresses may also lead to uncomfort to the person who is wearing them.

If you are planning to Buy wedding bridal lehanga online, you should understand that wedding is a lifetime event and so you don’t end up buying something which is not that useful or in which you are not comfortable. Or possibly you should also not buy the one which is not matching with your skin tone.

  • You should properly understand the correlation between the color of dress which you are choosing and also your complexion. If you are slender and slim so you may choose to wear the salwar kameez in the pastel shades. On the other hand, if you are on healthier side, so you may prefer to choose the dark shades of coloured salwar kameez since the dark colours usually draw the attention of people from the curves.
  • You should know that your height also matters a lot while you are buying a dress. Such as if you are tall and if you wish to look taller, so you should choose to buy the long styles of salwar kameez. On the other hand, if you are of short height, you should always avoid the long length salwar kameez when it does not appears to be defined.
  • Look for the quintessential cut. Select the salwar kameez with right and appropriate cut and it would suitably compliment the figure. When you are slim and even when you have the body shape of hour glass, you may also go for the straight cuts on the other hand where ones with the pear shaped body must choose the anarkali suits as they hide the curves.
  • Stay uncluttered to get a proper and elegant look. Now, summers are here. You should always avoid going for any kind of heavily embellished and embroidered salwar kameez since it will also get actually difficult to carry the outfit for the entire day. Choose the breathable fabric having the minimalistic embroidery and less of work which is much airy as well as lightweight considering summer season.
  • Select the styles of sleeve which suits you. Certainly, there is no such rule for the slim women. On the other hand, women having the heavier arms should also choose for the full sleeves as they help to cover your flab.