Tips For Getting The Perfect Salwar Kameez For You

Salwar kameez is a very popular ethnic garment which is well-loved by women across India. It has been worn by Indian women for several decades because of the comfort that they provide, their versatility and quality of enhancing the look of the person wearing it. This garment has 3 pieces – Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta. Salwar is a loose pant, Kameez is a long top and Dupatta is a flowing scarf. Salwar Kameez has seen many variations and transitions with time and it has been adapted into different new and innovative forms by designers. The various options of salwar kameez that are available ensure that you get a fabulous designer salwar kameez online for your unique self.


The right fit:
A salwar kameez is an ethnic outfit and not a western one, so you should try to leave a little room for comfort. While a western dress will look good even with a tight fit, a salwar kameez with a tight fit will amplify your curves thereby ruining your look. On the other hand, salwar kameez with a loose fit will look out of place of your body’s build type.


Consider your body type:
Salwar kameez with pastel shades are generally preferred if you have a gracefully thin or slim body type. However, if on the opposite side you have a healthier body type, we will suggest you to go for solid dark colours because they will help in distracting people’s attention from your curves.


Height is important:
Salwar kameez of the right length can help in enhancing your appearance by giving a better view of your height. So, if you are tall or like tall height you should go for a salwar kameez that has a long style. On the other side, if you have a short height go for a salwar kameez with a short style rather than a long style salwar kameez because the long one will not define your height properly and will make you look odd.

The cut:
Only the right cut will complement your figure in the right away. The cut should be considered keeping in mind your body type. Women with pear shaped bodies wanting to hide their curves should go for anarkali suits, and women with slim body types should go for a salwar kameez with a straight cut.


Minimal is better:
When it comes to getting an elegant look, selecting an outfit giving importance to minimalism is better. Wearing a salwar kameez that is heavily embroidered will be really difficult, so we will suggest you to go for a salwar kameez with minimal embroidery and a fabric that is breathable.

Accessorizing is essential:
Going for a party wearing just a simple salwar kameez will not help you in attracting people’s attention. So make sure you accessorize your look before stepping out of your house. The best accessory options will be a pair of beautiful earrings or a nice bracelet or your favorite necklace.

Don’t forget the feet:
To complete your look you can choose a pair of heels because they look amazing with ethnic outfits. And we will advise you to not go for flats as they kill the elegant look that ethnic outfits have.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you buy salwar kameez online. Happy shopping!


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