Focus on Color when choosing men’s suit

Most of the men select a suits based on color by thinking two factors. The salesperson says the color seems good and the man purchasing the suit can’t find something incorrect with it. The difficulty here is that most of the men don’t understand what colors match with their skin tone, and in its place of selecting a color which improves their looks they select a color which just fits in.

Have you ever doubted why you check several men wearing suits of navy blue color? It is not that this color improves natural style of so many men; it is just men playing the safety game in numbers.

The Triad: Black, Charcoal Gray and Navy Blue

These colors control the industry of men’s suit, and for valid reason. Most of the men are flattered by more than one of these dark shades. Dark color suits have the skill to flawlessly changeover from business to desire, also to a slimming consequence of the shape.

Navy Blue

It makes stronger lies in its sheer supremacy when planning to buy designer suits for men. Most of the men have at least one, and in case you have ever moved into a meeting you can confirm more than half the men would be dressed in one. But it is its main weakness; how can you be obvious when 90% of your structure seems exactly similar as more than 50% of the room. Also, those with a very light skin tone have to pair navy blue color with shirts of rich color; an ice blue or white color shirt will trench the color right from their face. Ultimately, young men are suggested to keep away from this color because it has a routine off heightening youth.


A tougher color to use, it is professed by several as the option for weddings and funerals. No dispute there if going to buy designer suits for men; though, it is somewhat more for the man with the right skin tone. Not any other color has such stunning effect, and as per on the dress shirt it can move from regular work wear to fun with friends at the trendiest nightclubs. The main thing to wearing black color is being a person of high contrast, a man with light to medium skin and dark hair. The result is a correctly framed face to where the entire kindness is drawn.

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Charcoal Gray

Suits of charcoal gray project the image of stability, authority, and competence. It is a wonderful option for a first suit, mainly for young men because that it does emphasize youth. Even though, clearly lighter compare to navy blue or black once placed abreast, it however is just as satisfactory at all business interview and functions situations. Generally, the most adaptable color, it seems good with any imaginable colored shirt. If you want something different, you can check the choice of color and style online. There are so many options that you can choose and apply when making your suit.


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