Men’s Attire in a Traditional Look

Indian wedding is all about following the rituals and to have fun. The preparation for the Indian wedding starts from a few week before the wedding date. The shopping for the dress of the bride and the groom is the most important thing to consider for buying. There are lots of choices available for the bride and the groom to wear of the special occasion of their wedding.

Sherwani for men is a very common choice for the men to wear on his wedding. It is a long jacket and the full sleeves with the churidar pajama. A scarf is also worn with the sherwani. The thread work on the sherwani makes it very special for the wedding.

Sherwani was appeared in the 18th century and was worn by the Indian rulers. It was adopted by the men of Muslim community after that. A lot of modification was done in this dress. The Nehru color was also adopted in Sherwani. Sherwani gives a royal look to the wearer. It is mostly used by the groom and his relatives on the occasion of wedding.

Kurta pajama is another traditional dress for the Indian men. Traditional Kurta is a simple and loose fitting top worn with the pajama. It is used casually by the men as a night wear. Some changes and modification are done for the kurta pajama to make it fit to wear in the festive occasion. This type of Kurta is known as the designer Kurta for men. The designer kurta for men is a different type of kurta from the normal kurta which have special patterns and embroidery made for the festive occasions.

A good combination of accessories with the designer Kurta and pajama is used to give the royal look to the wearer. These accessories could be turban, moccasin and scarf. It can be used in any cultural fest, traditional event or the wedding. It preserves the heritage of country.

Kurta pajama was originated in South Asia but it spreads gradually to different parts of the world. The great comfort can be felt along with exposing good look through this dress.


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