Why are wedding sarees so popular?

When it comes to wedding, bridal sarees are always in demand. Women living in the Indian subcontinent are absolutely in love with this traditional attire and never fail to wear them on special occasions. Wedding bridal sarees are not something new in India. It had been crafted hundred years ago and has been modified in so many ways recently. In fact, some of the best fashion designers in India are known for the gorgeous and beautiful saree prints they come up with.


The wedding sarees are not just a rage among ordinary women but also among celebrities. No wonder Bollywood sarees are such a favourite. No matter how gorgeous a woman is, she always prefers to wear an elegant looking saree on her wedding day. Not only does she look like a modern princess but also steals the limelight the moment she walks into the room. No wonder celebrities from all across the world are fascinated with these exotic outfits and always show interest towards trying them.

There are a couple of things that make bridal sarees such a craze. The first thing is vibrant colours. They mostly come in the colour red or pink. Some also try green and golden to accentuate and highlight the beauty of this attire. The colour also depends on the state. If you are from Bengal, then a combination of red and white always looks beautiful. And if you belong to the south, then golden and white would look superb. Women living in Gujarat and Rajasthan focus on bright colours like orange and purple whereas women in the north enjoy golden. No matter what your complexion is, finding a good saree for the wedding will become an easy affair.

Another thing that makes sarees so popular is the unlimited designs and prints. You might find one saree and make your final decision. But when you see the other ones, you will be in a dilemma. The craft work is absolutely brilliant. There is mirror work, kasab work, silver aari work, tikki work, sequins work and a whole lot of other things you could choose from. This also gives you a whole lot of options to choose from, don’t you think?

Finally we come to the choice of fabric. Cotton, silk, chiffon and satin are some of the best choices you will be offered with. This will not only look amazing but also lure customers.


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