Sherwanis- A Fashion Statement for all Indian men


Sherwani has been recognized as the ultimate fashion suit for men in India. It has a royal and elegant touch to it and never fails to look glamorous on the one who wears it. Despite being one of those common outfits most men wear at wedding, it never fails to look attractive and unique on them. Sherwanis are usually very long in length and have a coat like tunic which is quite similar to a doublet along with a collar that is tight fitting and has been fastened with hooks. The sherwani coat is always fastened in front with the help of a few buttons. Some of them are also removable.


Sherwani for men is certainly one of the most preferred outfits these days. There is so much of tradition and style attached to this one elegant attire. It would perfect if you could wear it during a festive occasion or even a wedding. Since new fashion trends have been emerging, there have been different fabrics, designs as well as colours coming up. The styles are almost endless. However, you have to keep the budget in mind before you reach a final conclusion.

Some of the most common sherwanis found these days are wedding sherwani: this one would be perfect for the groom. It would also suit the needs of the family, best man, family members or even friends who are also in search of that amazing outfit. Second comes the groom sherwani: there are difficult colours, fabrics and designs which are perfect for the groom. Silk and poly silk sherwanis are something that groom should go for. It would give him a very flattering and unique appearance. Finally comes designer sherwani. This one has been embellished with fancy cuts and remarkable embroidery which look amazing on the one who wears them.

There are a couple of facts which can be enlisted about sherwanis too. Let’s go through them in brief. The different sherwanis for men are always categorized according to the fancy work of embroidery that is done on them. Secondly, there are different kinds of embroidery work that has been done on new sherwanis recently including kasab work, cut work, chikan work and jaal work. There are new embellishments as well including zari, gota patti, stones crystals, sequins, stones and even jewellery. The floral and abstract designs give the sherwanis a very unique and trendy look.



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