Indian Attire – Get An Elegant And Awesome Look

With several different kinds of celebrations, you will be definitely looking forward with upcoming ones like festive season that has not yet ended. So, this seems to be the perfect time to buy the best pieces of clothing to look stylish, trendy as well as to also look traditional at same point of time. On the other hand, before taking any step ahead for the purpose of shopping, you should also be perfectly aware of latest styles. Ethnic wear for females has also not remained much boring as well as monotonous. Saris, kurtis, stylish deigned salwar suits as well as other ethnic wear for female are now accessible in the trendy designs so Indian ladies will be able to express their own style with looking much traditional. Raise the festive fervor through decorating the house with the accentuating accents as well as choosing best kind of the dresses for each special day. When you wish of making envy people around, check at latest and the stylish collection of the ethnic wear and choose the best pieces. Moreover, gone are the days when you need to surf on one shop to another shop in the search of your preferred dress. Now you can Buy indian kurties on various online sites that will help you to grab your kind of attire at much reasonable price.


Are you willing to do some kind of experiment with colors: Wearing a right color is certainly important aspect related to dressing? During the season, the much popular colors are bold as well as vibrant. To create a long lasting impression, pick the hues like fuchsia, lemon yellow, peach as well as dark blue. On the other hand some of the uncommon combinations of color are a big hit now a day. You may even try creating the most impressive contrast. On the other hand, there are different color combinations which are rarely seen through ethnic dresses as well as look much classy like peach with the purple. You must even try to look for such classic combination of color so they can make the style statement.


Adding a twist: You my even add a twist in your ethnic as well as stylish outfit so you may even look much different as compared to others. It’s not important to follow what is kind of the trend. You may also attain the impeccable look through experimenting with the own ideas. Like for instance rather than choosing the much simple suit, you must also choose the suit which comes with the different kind of pattern like the deep plunging neck as well as artistic embroidery through the sleeves and neck. Even when you prefer wearing the nice sari, pair them up with the open back blouse which could help you to look sensational.

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When you Buy indian kurties it is important to note that you should pick a wonderful fabrics as well. The fabric that makes your dress certainly is significant in attaining the most desired as well as wonderful look.


Are You Planning To Buy a Wedding Sherwani For Grooms?

For Indian grooms, sherwani is known as the most traditional outfit which is worn during the wedding time. It not only makes the groom look perfect but also give a splendor and style when worn with mojris with beautiful paired stole and bandhni pagri.


However, purchasing a sherwani is quite a tough task especially choosing it for special occasion or wedding. There are many important factors which you should keep in mind while purchasing it for the groom.

Body shape of men
Bulky men – if you are very heavy or bulky then you don’t want to highlight your tummy. For such problems, you can choose a dress which is not too fitted. The tight dress will grab the attention on the body parts which are bulkier. So choose the one which goes well and attract the groom.


For skinny and tall man – most of the man are skinny and tall. Such type of man should avoid wearing straight cut sherwani, it will not go well with the lean body. This cut can even make you look miserable and thinner during your special day. Choose the formal suit which will add a little bulk to your body. Horizontal stripes will go well with such body shape, this can even make shoulder look broader.

Short man – short height man should say no to the sherwani. Such type of man should avoid long kurta as it can make you look shorter. You can wear jodhpuri suits, formal suits or kurta dhoti this will perfectly suit your body and style you in a proper manner. Try to ornate good turban tie which can grab the eyes and help in preventing from short eyes. Stylish pagadi with jewels and satin will add advantage to your height.


Know the skin tone
Choose the color which perfectly goes with your skin tone. Golden, maroon, and red are some of the popular colors which are mostly preferred by the grooms on a special day. Well, you can also go with some sober colors such as grey, brown, violet, cream, off – white, purple, etc. sometimes black color is also preferred by the groom.

Know the length
You can prefer to Buy designer kurta pajama which are above the knee or below the knee. Sherwani, which is below the knee, can be worn with Churidar pajama and jodhpuris. Similarly, short sherwanis will go well with dhoti and give an unbeatable touch to the groom.

exquisite black jacquard art silk readymade kurta


Embellishment and material
If you are looking for the opulent and rich look, then pick the fabric like brocade and velvet. For the contemporary and elegant look, you can choose silk sherwanis or cotton silk. Since, when you Buy designer kurta pajama it comes with many embroidery works which is usually done on the collar and other parts of sherwani with attractive zardosi work. You can pick the material according to choice which makes the groom look best.

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Since there are much modern and traditional wear which are available for the man to choose. So, search the good product which perfectly matches on your big day.

Choose men’s Ethnic Wear Online

I wear western cloths for nearly daily, even though the fewer hassles and the comfort, when it comes to ethnic Indian festivities, a plain suit and tie is not just good enough for me. Being Indian lets us to become a part of the biggest traditions and festivals, each one with an extraordinary significance plus its own splendour. Plunge yourself in the rich traditions, do not only enjoy the sounds and sights but also get dressed for the event with your perfect ethnic outfits.

But Designer Suits for men

Usually, men are restricted with the lack of choices in fashion, the regular wear for men just vary from trousers, shirts, and T-shirts. But the scenario changes when it comes to traditional outfits for men, because this opens up new varieties for several handiwork, texture, and colour. There are no restrictions in men’s sherwanis and kurtas. Get prepared for this wedding festive with your best ethnic wear, just relax and begin shopping for traditional wear for men online. We have shortlisted some of the mainly used ethnic wears for men. Have a look at them and begin shopping.


Kurtas for Men
Kurtas are considered as the Indian shirts, which is incredibly free-flowing and completely practical. It gives the freedom of movement to let you dance for those higher energy dance numbers. No Indian wedding is complete without ethnic wear, so go and Buy kurta pajama online. You can easily pick from the huge variety of kurta sets or mix-and-match with dhoti or kurta of your choice.

men stylish kurta pajam

Pyjamas and Dhoti
The dhoti is the conventional Indian bottom wear. Your ethnic dress gets completed when you wear dhotis with your ethnic outfit. With the huge variety of traditional bottom wear, we have got every traditions covered from white color vaishti of the south to dhotis of north India. Do some shopping for the collection of men’s traditional wear and match kurta with a vibrat dhoti.


Sherwani for men
The royal sherwani exuberate sophistication, and every man is really dressed perfectly when he carries one. Let me tell you the fact that sherwani came from Lucknow in early 1800 and keeps being the greatest attire for Indian carousing. There are so many prominent brands from where you can Buy designer sherwani like Raymond Ethnix, Manish Creations, Manyavar etc. I usually get ready for the special occasion with a knee-length sherwani and match it up with contrast pyjamas as well as a dupatta.


You can also make your choice like me. Pick short length kurtas and sherwanis for casual event and knee-length kurtas and sherwanis to aid you look taller. Just keep in mind that, men’s traditional wear is not limited just for the festivals and special events, you can choose to wear a kurta payjama on a weekday, it would surely be an uplifting break from trousers and shirts. If you want to add a cultural touch on a lunch with your special someone, you can choose to wear a stylish Nehru jacket. There are various online shopping portals from where you can buy your favourite clothing.

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Tips For Getting The Perfect Salwar Kameez For You

Salwar kameez is a very popular ethnic garment which is well-loved by women across India. It has been worn by Indian women for several decades because of the comfort that they provide, their versatility and quality of enhancing the look of the person wearing it. This garment has 3 pieces – Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta. Salwar is a loose pant, Kameez is a long top and Dupatta is a flowing scarf. Salwar Kameez has seen many variations and transitions with time and it has been adapted into different new and innovative forms by designers. The various options of salwar kameez that are available ensure that you get a fabulous designer salwar kameez online for your unique self.


The right fit:
A salwar kameez is an ethnic outfit and not a western one, so you should try to leave a little room for comfort. While a western dress will look good even with a tight fit, a salwar kameez with a tight fit will amplify your curves thereby ruining your look. On the other hand, salwar kameez with a loose fit will look out of place of your body’s build type.


Consider your body type:
Salwar kameez with pastel shades are generally preferred if you have a gracefully thin or slim body type. However, if on the opposite side you have a healthier body type, we will suggest you to go for solid dark colours because they will help in distracting people’s attention from your curves.


Height is important:
Salwar kameez of the right length can help in enhancing your appearance by giving a better view of your height. So, if you are tall or like tall height you should go for a salwar kameez that has a long style. On the other side, if you have a short height go for a salwar kameez with a short style rather than a long style salwar kameez because the long one will not define your height properly and will make you look odd.

The cut:
Only the right cut will complement your figure in the right away. The cut should be considered keeping in mind your body type. Women with pear shaped bodies wanting to hide their curves should go for anarkali suits, and women with slim body types should go for a salwar kameez with a straight cut.


Minimal is better:
When it comes to getting an elegant look, selecting an outfit giving importance to minimalism is better. Wearing a salwar kameez that is heavily embroidered will be really difficult, so we will suggest you to go for a salwar kameez with minimal embroidery and a fabric that is breathable.

Accessorizing is essential:
Going for a party wearing just a simple salwar kameez will not help you in attracting people’s attention. So make sure you accessorize your look before stepping out of your house. The best accessory options will be a pair of beautiful earrings or a nice bracelet or your favorite necklace.

Don’t forget the feet:
To complete your look you can choose a pair of heels because they look amazing with ethnic outfits. And we will advise you to not go for flats as they kill the elegant look that ethnic outfits have.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you buy salwar kameez online. Happy shopping!

7 Different Styles To Wear Your Lehenga In A Swag

Lehenga is an outfit which is preferred by women of all age and body types. Lehenga fashion is an integral part of our wedding shoppings as well. Indeed started with a traditional wear, lehenga has stood by the time and now it has also changed itself with the change in fashion world. A lehenga can be draped in a different way to make look really different from its original form. There are many ways lehenga can be draped.
If you more of experimental in your style and does not intend to wear the traditional draping of lehenga, then go ahead with reading:


1. Raw silk couture lehenga and blouse
Designer wedding lehengas has brought a new trend in the market. The couture version has made the fashion of short choli with lehenga skirt in the market. Go ahead with wearing a heavily embroidered skirt with a blouse style choli. Keep your accessorise subtle with bare neck and big earning and a statement maang tikka. You can consider wearing a net or organza dupatta to complete your look.


2. Backless choli and lehenga
If you still don’t have a backless blouse for your saree or lehenga and you have a perfect figure, then you are missing a lot of fashion statement. Wear a plain raw silk lehenga skirt with a backless choli with an elaborate embellishment. Drape a plain saree style dupatta to make your look complete and less scandalizing in your family.


3. Gold and black lehenga for the bride
Black for bride? Impossible!
Hey! Why not?
Look into the fashion industry and consider to buy wedding lehenga online in a different colour combination of gold and black. Break the stereotyping and wear a black blouse with a golden threaded skirt for any of your wedding ceremonies. Consider completing your look with a contrast colour choker and earrings with a bold eye makeup.


4. Anarkali lehenga
What can be better than combining two timeless and immensely loved outfit in one?
Yes, it is anarkali lehenga. You can wear an anarkali style kurti with a matching skirt. A half or long slit kurta looks incredible beautiful in this type of combination.


5. Crop top blouse with tulle lehenga skirt
There are many designers who doing a lot of work in experimenting with lehenga design. Consider wearing a crop top styled noodle strap with a heavily embellished tulle skirt with or without dupatta or accessorize can look amazing for pre wedding or post wedding function for the bride or the other female involved in the wedding.


6. Long skirt lehenga bottom with a contrasting blouse
If you are heading for a wedding party or wants to own a casual look then give your lehenga a much needed contemporary look. Pick a plain coloured skirt and match it with a contrast blouse. Keep it plain and simple for that elegant look.


7. Off shoulder blouse with embroidered skirt
If you are towards shorter and plum side, then off shoulder blouses. Lehengas are overpowering and may tend to look too much for short heighted person. The off shoulder blouse shows that much needed skin to loosen the power of lehenga over the overall look.

So,these were some new draping lehenga style which you may consider while preparing your wardrobe for coming wedding season.

What To Consider Before Buying Wedding Lehenga

Lehenga is traditional Indian style clothing which is used both for daily wear and for special occasions. Its use is specifically popular in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Although we call the whole clothing Lehenga, the truth of the matter is, that Lehenga is the name of the skirt only, which is large, goes below the ankles in length to give cover to the whole feet. The dress as a whole consists of 3 pieces: The Lehenga which is the large plated skirt being in the centre of the attention due to rich, exclusive materials and embroidery ( especially for wedding or bridal Lehengas) the Lehenga Choli which is a short sleeved t-shirt like blouse which often leaves the midriff, stomach area bare and a stole or drape made out of either the same fabric as the Lehenga or it’s something very light to drape or ghagra the shoulders or use it across the body, like a saree. When you Buy wedding bridal lehanga online, the choli can vary in length with the sexier pieces not being much larger than a bra up until the more modest styles which show less of the stomach area. The drape is also often used to provide an additional cover to the stomach area by draping it across the choli.


What to consider before buying wedding Lehenga

If you want to buy designer wedding Lehengas you need to consider a few questions beforehand:

  • The color variations : each region has its typical traditional color combinations which are used for weddings. Wedding Lehengas can also be put in three categories: wedding, bridal or bridesmaid Lehengas. The decoration and patterns are subject to the region the Lehenga was produced. Handmade, hand-embroidered Lehengas are those each family prefers to buy for weddings. The making of these however can take weeks, therefore it’s wise to order months before, if you plan on buying wedding bridal Lehenga online.
  • The type and style of decoration : some of the most popular decoration and embroidery includes the Zardosi, Gota etc.
  • The fabric of the Lehenga : it varies from silk to velvet. Other options include brocade, chinon, satin, and several others. Net, Jut and Satin fabrics are ideal for hot summer weddings. Net has the lowest price. Silk is the best favoured fabric for weddings, specifically for brides.
  • The number of Lehengas : Indian weddings take several days. This means while a bride is a bride she will likely have to change dresses at least 3-4 times. Therefore consider all the options and choose the shade and style of designer Lehenga that fits the best to the actual sermon or tradition during the wedding celebration.
  • Be careful of the weight : bridal Lehengas, especially those made with heavy fabric and contain rich embroidery tend to be quite heavy. Also choose lighter types to wear during other sections of the wedding.
  • Choose the fabric and design to totally suit your body type.
  • Budget : be mindful as designer wedding Lehengas can be quite expensive. Also, check out a store that can give you a good discount if you buy more Lehengas there.

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Go Online To Find Top Brand Suits For Men

If you want to purchase suit for men, then you can go online and explore different online shopping stores rather than going to the land based stores. For a man, suits are definitely their first preference for whatever occasion, whether it’s a family function or a meeting, suits adds a different charm to a man’s persona. If you want to Buy designer suits for men, then you will see various options online. Men’s designer suits are available in various fabric and colours. For summer seasons, light fabrics are accessible and warmer fabrics are accessible for winter season. Currently, the shades of suits are not only limited to black or blue. Actually, a number of men are trying out various shades, from peacock blue to pink, for creating their own style-statement. But, for office, they prefer basic shades because they’re said to be best for formal wears.


If you want to have a different look on your marriage and dump the conventional sherwani, then you can simply purchase a classy suit. You can purchase suit for men from leading brands such as V Dot, Raymond, Louis Phillip, SUITLTD, and Van Heusen as they are readily accessible at online stores. At the time of purchasing men’s suit online, you can choose a matching shirt as well to finish your look.

If you’re seeking men’s suit of a specific brand, then it’s advised that you think about shopping on the web. Indeed, suits are costly enough and put a burden on your wallet if you purchase them from local store or malls. However, when you consider buying suits online, particularly Blackberry-suits then you can actually save a significant amount of money because online retailers provide you a great discount from time to time.

Explore the widest range of waistcoats and Classy suits for men

You can make yourself smarter at formal occasions and make a great impression with the correct formal wear. Men’s formal suits are the best option when you are involved in a serious business. This makes an appropriate option to be worn at formal dinners, meetings, and business luncheons. Pick the best ones for any event from the huge range of casual and formal suits for men accessible at various online stores. You will not be dissatisfied with the range they provide in men’s suit, like everything else.

A huge collection of men’s wear from leading brands

Online stores offers a huge range of formal wears from notorious brands like Poze, UCB, Giovani, Raymond, and many more. Despite the best clothing chains, you can further separate your search into men’s waistcoats, men’s casual suits, men’s slim fit suits etc. The designs and colors provided at online stores will certainly leave you desiring more. Also, suits give you the security in the cold winter months. For that, leading online stores also showcases a huge range of winter wear collection for men. Don’t wait for more, go ahead and purchase designer suits for men and enjoy the facility of free shipping at your doorstep.

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